Forest Club - Afer School - All Weathers

Our usual age range is from 8 to 16 but this is not written in stone.  Every child is different.

We run on a Tuesday night between 17:30 and 19:00 In Walderslade.

Due to Covid19 we have had to change location until further notice.



Possible New After school club Coming Soon To Upchurch Area

We would like to run a new club with children from the Holywell School.  The two options would be:-

Collect from school and take to site for parent to collect from our site 17:30 - 18:00

Parent to drop off to Site 16:00 collect from site 17:30 to 18:00.

Both options would be once a week and include FULL Forest School / bushcraft activities and the children preparing and cooking their food forest style.  For details and costs please send us an email via our contact us link.  We can only take a Max of 6 children.

New After School Club for Bradfields School Children

Before lock down we were due to start a club for Bradfeilds children only.  The sessions would be straight from school for 1.5 hours.  The children will get a chance once a week to access all that BushKraft can offer, please see below.

Our Club is a weekly session once a week.  A lot of the sessions are child led with adult supervision.  Adult led sessions are the more adventurous things like archery, rifle shooting etc.  The whole sessions are outside in all weathers.  We do have shelter in our woodland.  The children will learn basic survival skills like fire lighting and the safety that goes with it.  They will learn how to build a shelter, first aid, cooking and nutrition etc.

Children will also play games and team building.   They will get the chance to lead sessions under adult supervision with the other children.  Build their own confidence and self worth to the best they can.  Use their new people skills in other areas like school.

In the warmer weather there will be camping, water sports, climbing, and many other activities. Offered subject to minimum NUMBERS, so they can put their learned skills into real use.

At BushKraft we are also Qualified to teach youth and adults both Rifle Shooting and Archery.  Our qualifications are from the national governing bodies of each sport. (We ONLY use paper targets not anything living)  Subject to the land owners permission on some sites we are able to do this with parent consent only.