What Is Traditional Forest School & why do we exceed that and more? 

Traditional Forest School Ethos is based around a child's rights to play,  access the outdoors and risk.  Children should have the right to experience a healthy range of emotions through the challenges of social interaction.  This will enable a continued and creative engagement with their peers, their potential in other areas.

Forest school is based more on the process of learning than it is on the content.   This means instead of planning each session to the nearest minute, children can go off as things take their interest.  More often than not as Forest leaders our planned sessions end up completely unplanned as the children explore nature.  Children  are given encouragement to direct their own learning by us stimulating play.

Structured Sessions and Other Outdoor Pursuits.

We can offer traditional Forest School or we can also offer a more structured forest school depending on the needs of our clients.  Schools tend to want a structured session with taster sessions to bring out confidence and thinking out of the box.  We can facilitate camping sessions for schools, clubs and family groups.

Please see the other pages on our web site as will give you a good incite to who and what BushKraft is and what we can do for you.




We try to get every one to see their own potential and self worth, and build on it.  Our forest school activities are not always limited to the woods.

Every child matters.....

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