Outdoor Archery

Archery sessions are held only with our Archery GB qualified instructors.  Each session will be approximately 1 hour long including safety Brief.

  1. The sessions MUST be booked in advance.
  2.  If we deem the weather to severe and cancel a session, a FULL refund will be given or you can rebook (Your Choice).
  3.  This is open to ages 5 to 105 years old. ( younger children may be able to shoot if deemed safe by qualified instructor you are welcome to be assest before booking)
  4. Costs are based per person taking part only.  (Spectators are free and can watch from the Veiwing area)

Costs per Person is £45.00 for up to 3 persons per hour session.  Discounts are available for family groups (4 or More), schools charities  and other organisations.

Archery can take place on our Chatham site, or  maybe a School sports field subject to risk assessment.

This can also be part of a birthday party session.



Rifle Shooting

This is done only with our National Small Bore Rifle Association qualified instructors.  Our age limits from 7 to 107 years old.  We will take younger if the instructor agrees it is safe for the child to be able to hold the rifle safely or balance it on the rifle rest.

The cost for this is £45.00 for up to 3 persons per hour.  Safety glasses will be provided and MUST be worn to take part.  Discounts for families, groups and can be part of a birthday party session.


Who can take part in the above?

These sessions are solely for taster sessions and Its main focus is on safety and having fun.  We do not train people for sport, hunting, or clubs.  The ONLY thing that can be shot is a cardboard targets or the occasional balloon with the arrows.  We will not use any target that resembles either animals or humans even in jest.