Can we work with your organisation?

We can work with most companies and or Charites.  We currently are working with or have worked with:- Schools, Disability CIC, Guiding, Scouting, Social Services, Adult services.

Our usual working practice is to have a high ratio of leaders to service users.

Adult/Child Social care

We have a high practitioner/leader ratio which means  we can build a professional relationship in a therapeutic calming environment.  We promote self worth and mutual respect.  Everything we do can be adapted for all age groups and abilities.  The woodland gives a totally different way of learning with out even knowing they are learning for both child and adults,  They  try new things with the support they need.  We can work with them independently or as a small groups and with their carers.

They can learn basic survival skills which can relate to the normal everyday domestic life.  Things like cooking a simple balanced meal from scratch with out domestic fuels.  They can build a shelter using various methods, learning  knots which can be transferred to shoelaces, ties and other domestic applications.

Problem solving situations making all ages think out of the box, engineer and build the solution.  Each task is engineered to get people engaging within their capabilities and for them to reflect and see what they have achieved as an individual or together as a family or team.

Just being part of  nature, sharing the space with plants, insects, bugs, wildlife and see how they live and what they do for us as the human race.  Learn what trees can be used for in survival situations and how to take care of them.  Very basic foraging on site we use our blackberries, wild cherries, and cherry plums.  We do not do any other sort of foraging as do not want people to be able to mistake things, so we stick to very easy to identify with out mistake.

Archery For Schools and Organisations

As part of BushKrafts commitment to getting children to try new outdoor activities, we have a special pricing system to introduce the sport of Archery to schools.  Subject to advisories from Archery GB and our own risk assessment we maybe able to bring archery to your school or organisation.  The cost of this is greatly reduced to non profit organisations like schools.

Schools In The Forest & Other School Services


Our unique outdoor education style is to build self confidence and mutual respect for all in children, encourage thinking out of the box to promote individual ideas.  Problem solving to promote team  building and mutual respect for every one of their peers.  We encourage all children to speak out and to listen to their peers.  We encourage them to try their idea's to see what works and maybe does not work and how to improve it.  These skills can transfer back into the classroom and home environments.


How do the skills learnt in forest  fit the school curriculum, or help with in a school/home enviroment?


Maths:- Map and compass work, wood lengths for shelter (fractions),

Science:- Nature itself, Fire elements, water purification, friction, building science, engineering etc.

English:- Verbal communication, reasoning, Radio Communication, Spelling with Nato phonetic alphabet, non verbal communications etc

Physical education:- Shelter building, fire building, archery, woodland games, they rarely sit down on any of the main activities etc.

Food and cooking:- Food groups for survival, backwards cooking, basic foraging,

As we are in an outdoor setting the way of learning is very child led at each child's own pace.  This is possible with our high adult to child ratio.  We teach children how to use tools safely where appropriate and required,  especially knife safety and the law concerning knives.

If you have children that are on the in child in need stage with Social Services, we can work with the parents and help them unite and even help translate the reports and work with them as ex therapeutic foster carers, and how to move forward.  Try and keep that communication with the family and social services going as often this breaks down very quickly.  Often social workers and schools are seen as the enemy by parents.  We will  be an advocate  for the family we are working with. (Work in their best interest)  We will work with each family on an individual basis to give support where they need it.

There have been many studies that have been done on the positive and calming effect of the woodland on humans of all ages.  Its a place where for that session technology use is discouraged and that unless emergency phones and tablets remain out of sight and hand.  Its encouraged to join as a family unit no matter what their family status.






Adventurous Activities

Some of our Forest School Leaders hold other nationally recognised qualifications so can offer more than  basic forest activities.   A list of other activities we run as BushKraft for social care below.

Outdoor Archery

swimming teaching

Overnight camping (Equipment & food supplied)

Indoor wall climbing

Outdoor raft building, rowing, kayaking and other water sports.


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