What Is A CIC - What Is Forest School - Who Is Behind It

BushKraft Forest School CIC (Community Interest Company) is a NON profit organisation working with people of all ages and abilities.  We also work with and in partnership with other organisations including schools, social care and charities.

A CIC is usually formed from people with a passion to want to try and alleviate problems that have identified in there local area or area of expertise.  BushKraft is no different and wants to tackle the social issues, build confidence in everyone and improve peoples opportunities and situations.  One of our skills is keeping families together and promoting well being, positive communication,  positiveness and bonding as a unit rather than individuals.

Most companies are formed to make money for the directors and share holders.  A CIC is formed to help the community around its existence.   When you pay a Community Interest Company you are helping others by us putting our profits back into the community project.  A CIC has to do this like a charity and is regulated with rules from the government and HMRC as to how the money can be spent.

Traditional forest school is not by far a new concept although relatively new to Medway and Kent.  Outdoor learning/wellbeing and its benefits have been around since 19th century.  One of many outdoor educators was Baden Powel who in 1907 formed the scouting organisation which has grown massively into what it is today.  Traditional forest school is child led.  This does not mean we just let them run wild and boss us around, but we do not set a specific curriculum.  We facilitate their learning at a speed and style that suits the individual.  Our high ratio's of adult to child allows children to learn and explore the woodland and nature around them.


Our mission  is to get children outside into nature enjoying themselves, playing with other children.  Over the years technology is so advanced, (games consoles get "virtual" reality and mobile phones are really mini computers.) Children are spending less time outdoors especially in the winter months.  Although we are not against technology we strongly believe in a child's right to play, explore, take risks, and be part of the natural world around them.  Forest school is based more on the process of learning than it is on the content.   This means instead of planning each session to the nearest minute, children can go off as things take their interest.  More often than not as Forest leaders our planned sessions end up completely unplanned as the children explore nature.

IF you require structured standard outdoor learning we can also facilitate this as well.

We try to get every one to see their own potential and self worth, and build on it.  Our forest activities are not  limited to the woods, as use other venues and land.

Every child matters.....

Why BushKraft and who is behind it ?

BushKraft was started by Brian, Karen, Ricky, Joe and Kevin in the beginning.  Although we had been Cub Scout  leaders for many years and completed all the Scout association training for our roles, we needed to get further educated to run a forest school.  Most of us also hold the Bush craft level 2 qualification.

BushKraft was born from a need to help more children and adults than actually attended any form of scouting or Guiding or adults equivalents.  We was also very limited by ages that can mix together with scouting.  We found often those with extra needs might not be ready to go to the next section but our hands were tied and more often than not the child left.

Working with schools and other organisations mean that children who may not get to do outside clubs etc get to experience a taste of what there is out side, rather than stuck in front of a tv or monitor.  We have worked with families which are "in need".  Being in the woodland is a calming environment and also neutral ground to help communications, cooking skills, team build etc.



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