Party Packages for ALL ages.

Do Something different, celebrate a birthday outdoors in nature.  This birthday fun is suitable for all genders and ages and an experience they will remember.  Children have plenty to occupy themselves with the below lists.  No need for party bags as they can make their own item to take home if you want it as part of the package. There are many things they can make, but a few examples are magic wands, paracord bracelets, natural wood bead necklace/bracelet or wooden animals.   They all mean the children get to use real tools for a real situation and keep their own creation.


FOOD:- is free choice of BushKraft providing or your selves as below in more detail.


Food  can be provided in two ways, either children make a pizza from scratch and cook it over the fire.  The other option would be for us to cook burgers, sausages, pizza, curry almost anything.  We can also cater for special diets and allergies within a mixed group as long as we know before the day.  We would usually provide all ingredients.  We can also provide standard buffet style food, the choice is yours.

You could also supply your own food, or like some get a takeaway to deliver.  A woodland party is very flexible and  built around the individuals requirements.


Parties are around 2 hours usually slightly longer and you can pick some activities from the below in order of importance as you may not get all done due to time some take:-


Shelter building.

Bug Hunting and study. (we have digital x800 microscope)

Soft Archery,

Fire lighting.

Woodland arts and crafts. (we can give you a few options as depends on likes and dislikes)

Food prep and cook for cooking own food.

Problem solving (rope bridge, run water up hill challenge, and more).

Rope swing use.

Rope ladder use.

Water filtration project. (Build a water filter to turn dirty water back to clear)

Archery (Must be booked specifically as time consuming)

Rifle shooting. (Must be booked specifically as time consuming)

Sling shot paintball. (At target only)

Bread Making

Smore making. (cooking marshmallow on the fire and placing in 2 x chocolate biscuits)

Basic Bow and Arrow making. ( can see whose goes furthest)

Orienteering. (using a compass, each check point has a letter to make a word or maybe prize)

Woodland conservation.  ( Ivy chopping to save the trees)

Fence making lessons. (For smaller groups as will involve a lot of tool use)

Woodland Scavenger hunt for our younger children.

Scary bear hunt.


We will discuss with you what sort of things your child likes and dislikes,  and try and plan the session so they get the most from it. Party prices are £12.00 per child with a minimum charge of £72.00.  This is with YOU providing food and drink (we will supply water and self serve)


If you want us to provide kids self cook food like Pizza it will be an extra £2.00 per child


If you want us to do cold buffet, hot dogs, burger, curry etc please contact us with requirements we can give and accurate Quote.

Small Print:-

The children's own pizza cooking will be an activity.  Toppings, supplied on the day are usually  Tomato  base, Sweetcorn, Onion, peperoni, Ham, Pineapple.  Each child makes and choses their own toppings.

If you do not want it as an activity then other arrangements for food will need to be agreed.  We can do other food items which would increase the cost depending on your specifications.  On average in the time slots there is enough time to cover 2 - 4 things above depending on what the activities  you choose.


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